Economic Development &
Policy Strategy

Rely on ICCE Advisory to provide practical ideas and informed perspectives in areas of Trade, Investment, Public Policy, Business Intelligence, Financial Feasibility, Market Research, Economic development, ESG etc. We will show you how to uncover opportunities and ultimately create value –now and into the future.

We help corporations and institutions to grow; help global investors to find unmatched opportunities and help governments across emerging markets to transform their economies.

New opportunities will emerge, but in different, sectors and geographies. Global economies need to deliver jobs at a five-times faster pace.

True economic development means laying a foundation for sustainable economic growth—for both a country and its citizens. At ICCE, we leverage the power of markets and business enterprise models to create jobs, fuel economic growth and improve the quality of life for the world’s poor.

Our rigorous analysis and broad experience of our economic development consultants, help our clients focus their strategies, grow their economy and drive sustainable change.

We are helping organizations and governments in launching growth programs to accelerate innovation and drive job creation, resilience, increasing the economic and social prosperity, which ultimately leads to transformation and reduction in poverty.

Our Economic Development consulting spans across the following:

  • Trade and Partnerships
  • Public Sector Reforms and Policies
  • Target Industry /Sector Analysis and Reports
  • Target Country Analysis & Reports
  • Target Regional Analysis & Reports

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