Frequently asked

What does ICCE stand for?

ICCE represents the Institute of Certified Chartered Economists

What does the ICCE do?

We are an association of economists’ professionals dedicated to a common standard. Our commitment is to raise professional economists with the highest ethical standards through quality education and collaborative learning.

Our membership is open to and accessible globally. New professionals who wish to join us can apply online via the webs

What’s the legal status of the ICCE?

ICCE is incorporated as ICCE Global LLC in the United States of America as a Delaware State Incorporated LLC with file number 5026019. This is under the Division of Corporations of Delaware State, USA.

Our membership is open to and accessible globally. New professionals who wish to join us can apply online via the website.

Which agency/body licensed and regulate ICCE in USA?

ICCE Global LLC is licensed & regulated by the Division of Corporations under Delaware State, USA.

Which year was the ICCE established?

ICCE was established in February 2021

Why should you join ICCE? / What’s the benefit for joining ICCE?

ICCE will help you to gain deep knowledge, demonstrated expertise, and credibility in the economics & international development industry.

The ICCE Charter Program provides a strong foundation of advanced economics analysis and real-time management skills that will open you up to global career opportunities.

Members of the ICCE Charter Program receive regular updates on global economics and financial m1arkets news and insights through members’ newsletters; to help them keep up to date with the latest news and trends.

Who can join the ICCE?

The ICCE membership is structured to accommodate both old and new entrants in the economics profession.

How do I apply to be become an ICCE member and learner?

  • All ICCE application is done online via the ICCE registration portal
  • You can register online to become an ICCE learner at any time of the year.
  • The first step is to complete the online membership application form and make the initial enrolment payment.
  • You will receive feedback from ICCE with further instructions thereafter.
  • This means your ICCE application will be processed much quicker and you will know at which level you can start your studies shortly after submitting your application.

What are the entry requirements for ICCE enrollment?

The minimum entry requirements for ICCE enrolment are proof that you are currently admitted to or pursuing a qualification at the tertiary level. This is irrespective of the level you are in your studies.

What documents do I need to register as a learner?

  • Certified copies of school certificate(s)
  • Transcript if you wish to be considered for exemptions
  • Information page of international traveling passport / national ID
  • Digital copy of passport size picture in JPEG/PNG format (white background)
  • Updated CV/Resume 
  • If you have changed your name after obtaining your qualification documentation, please submit a copy of an official document for this change.

How long does it take to register as a learner?

The ICCE online application takes no more than 5 minutes to complete. Admitted applicants receive the admission approval details within 48 hours thereafter.

What duration do I have to complete the entire program?

All learners are expected to complete the ICCE program within 3 years from the date of registration.

What fees are payable?

All new applications attract a one-off fee of $210 as the initial enrollment fee.

Visit for more updates on all other applicable fees.

What exemptions can I apply for?

ICCE exemptions are offered to learners based on their previous qualifications. To apply for exemptions, learners must submit the transcript of their previous qualification to ICCE via

Applicants will be notified via email of the decision after the review of their document by the exemptions approval team.

How many times is ICCE exams offered in a year?

ICCE exams are offered in the first week of every month in each year— January to December. Visit for the current exam schedule.

What is the exams structure / format?

All ICCE exams are offered online via the Institute’s Computer-Based Testing (CBT) platform.

Exams for all levels including specialization level are structured in multiple-choice questions format.

   Visit to read more about exams structure

What are the fees for each level?

For all applicable fees, kindly visit 

What’ the minimum number of papers one can sit for each session?

A learner has a choice of a minimum of 1 paper and a maximum of 5 papers for each exam session.

How can I book for exams?

All ICCE exams registration is done via MyICCE. Learners can access the e-payment portal via MyICCE to book their exams.

Does ICCE provide learners study/reading materials

YES!  The ICCE provides all new learners unlimited access to multiple reading resources at no additional cost for the first year via Perlego.

Access to Perlego is free for the first year for all new learners.

Thereafter, learners will access Perlego at a discounted fee of not more than US$60 per year.

Where can I locate exams center in my location?

ICCE exams is accessed remotely.

This means that our learners can take their ICCE exams at the comfort of their homes or location, ensuring that they have access to internet and a conducive environment.

Where necessary, and in some select locations around the world, ICCE may select a centre where learners in that vicinity may take their exams.

How's ICCE exams proctored?

All ICCE exams is monitored and proctored using modern technology and artificial intelligence.

This is to ensure that we are able to secure and protect the integrity of the exams and keep all learners in check when taking an ICCE exams.

Learners will be taking through series of identifications and verifications before taking the exams online. Again, all activities of learners will be recorded whiles taking exams.

How do I check my ICCE exams results?

Learners receive instant results following the submission of exams questions. However, ICCE will review exams report on each learner before final grade is awarded.

If after a review, a learner is found to have violated examination rules, the necessary action will be taking by the examination committee.

In most instances, the entire results is cancelled and in some extreme case, such learners are expelled from the ICCE program after going through the proper appeal process.

What do I need to have on exams day?

Since learners are taking exams remotely, it is highly recommend that the following things are in place:

  • Access to a laptop/desktop computer
  • Access to a quality internet
  • Proof of identity (this will be captured before permitted to take exams)
  • Conducive environment

Does ICCE offer scholarships?

Yes, we offer multiple scholarships to our members! Accessibility is a core foundation of our existence. Our aim is to help as many members as possible to access our program.

That’s why we offer scholarships for the committed, passionate, and most innovative and driven people. Get started and apply for any of our scholarships.

When can I apply for a scholarship?

Been a member of ICCE is a constant requirement to access any of our scholarships. You can apply for any of our available scholarships the moment you receive your ICCE membership ID.

How do I apply for a scholarship?

You must be an ICCE registered member with a membership ID before you can access our scholarships.

Application is easy. Visit the scholarship session from the ICCE website and complete the online scholarship application form.

The Scholarship review team will review your application. If you’re successful, you’ll receive a scholarship confirmation letter with details on the scholarship value and how to access it.

What types of scholarships are available?

We are currently running four different scholarship schemes each with its own eligibility criteria.

How do I know if I am eligible to apply?

Kindly visit for more details on all available scholarships and which scholarship to apply for. 

Can I apply for more than one scholarship?

You can – but you will only receive one scholarship for the duration of your membership. We encourage that you read about each scholarship and apply for the one that you certainly meet the criteria.

We want as many members as possible to have the chance of obtaining an ICCE scholarship.

We want as many members as possible to have the chance of obtaining an ICCE scholarship.

Can I apply for a scholarship before being accepted into ICCE?

No! You must be an ICCE registered member with your membership ID before you can apply for a scholarship.

What are my chances of gaining a scholarship?

Our aim is to provide scholarships to as many ICCE members as possible. Everyone scholarship applicant has an equal chance.

Do I have to be based in the US to apply for a scholarship?

Absolutely No! All available scholarships are open to all ICCE registered members no matter where you are in the world.

The ICCE Charter program and all scholarships are offered globally as a 100% online program.

How do I know I am successful?

If you’re successful, you’ll receive a scholarship confirmation letter with details on the scholarship value and how to access it.

Does an ICCE Scholarship expire?

Yes! Each scholarship awarded has an expiration date. This means you must ensure to use the scholarship before it expires.

The validity duration for each scholarship awarded will be indicated on the approval letter.

Once I have a scholarship, how do I proceed?

Our scholarship system is built on a voucher system. Each awardee will receive a voucher code.

Use this code whenever you are making payment for examination and or exemptions.

How do we select scholarship winners?

We go strictly by the eligibility criteria for each scholarship available. 

Our Scholarship Selection Team reviews all applications received and thereafter makes the decision on who receives a scholarship and the value as well.

How long does it take for a scholarship award decision to be made after application?

All scholarship application review takes between 3– 7 working days.

Start your ICCE journey now.