Accelerate your career growth with the ICCE Charter designation

Membership Eligibility

The ICCE Charter program is structured to accommodate both old and new entrants in the economics profession.

  • An applicant must at least be admitted to a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent. First year students are allowed to apply.
  • Holders of PhD, MPhil, MBA, MA, M.Sc., B. A, B.Sc., B.Com., B. ED, HND, Diploma are all eligible to enroll in the ICCE Charter program.

Membership Type

Whether you’re established in your career or just getting started in the economics profession, the ICCE Charter designation puts you on a high pedestal and sets you apart in the industry.


A registered member who’s yet to complete all exams of the ICCE Curriculum.


A registered member who has completed all exams of the ICCE Curriculum and has been awarded the ICCE Charter designation.


The highest membership status with the Institute. Individuals who distinguish themselves are awarded Fellowshiop.

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