Why do you need the ICCE® Charter designation?

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ICCE will help you to gain deep knowledge, demonstrated expertise and credibility in the economics & international development industry.

The ICCE Charter Program provides a strong foundation of advanced economics analysis and real-time management skills that will open you up to global career opportunities.

Members of the ICCE Charter Program receive regular updates on global economics and financial markets news and insights through members’ newsletters; to help them keep up to date with the latest news and trends.

Through membership of the ICCE, professionals can access an international network of  economics leaders through series of events, forums and social media discussions.

ICCE members receive exclusive access to The Economy360 monthly digital magazine of the Institute at no cost. The Economy360 provides comprehensive economic and business insights around world.

The knowledge you gain from the ICCE Charter Program can be immediately transferred to business activities and client-facing advisory functions, helping you to stand out among your peers.

Wherever you aspire to be in the world, ICCE® will take you there

Professional Economist

Investment Consulting

Investment Analyst

Corporate Banking

Real Estate

Financial Risk Analyst

Economic Researcher

Public Sector Roles


Retail Banking

Actuary & Data Analyst

Financial Consultant

Capital Markets

Credit Analyst

Financial Planner

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