Flexibility & Convenience

Taking ICCE exams

With the use of a combined Live & Automated proctoring process, learners can sit for their ICCE exams anywhere in the world without limitations.

All ICCE exams are offered online via Computer-Based Testing (CBT) which is accessible via MyICCE.

Learners must ensure that they have access to good internet connectivity, the necessary equipment (laptop or desktop device), as well as a conducive exams environment before taking any ICCE exams.

Advanced Verification System using AI

All ICCE exams are monitored and proctored using modern technology, advanced verification, and artificial intelligence.

This is to ensure that we are able to secure and protect the integrity of the exams and keep all learners in check when taking ICCE exams.

Violation of any of our exams rules will lead to cancellation of results and further dismissal of such a learner from the ICCE.

Verification Steps

Before taking an ICCE exam, each test taker will be taken through the following verification steps:


  • Audio settings & verifications
  • Webcam settings & verifications
  • Identity verification
  • Desktop verification
  • Exams environment verification
  • Signature verification

Live Webinars on ICCE Exams

We are constantly offering live webinars and content on how to take your ICCE exams remotely. These webinars give our learners insights on the necessary preparations they need to undertake before exams day.

How to book for an ICCE exam

  • Access MyICCE
  • Click on e-Payment
  • Select exams registration
  • Make payment for selected paper(s) online.
  • Confirm booking date