FDI Strategy

Rely on ICCE Advisory to provide practical ideas and informed perspectives in areas of Trade, Investment, Public Policy, Business Intelligence, Financial Feasibility, Market Research, Economic development, ESG etc. We will show you how to uncover opportunities and ultimately create value –now and into the future.

We help corporations and institutions to grow; help global investors to find unmatched opportunities and help governments across emerging markets to transform their economies.

Economies are consistently facing ever-increasing competition for attracting foreign investment projects. Today, the key to success starts with accurately defining your positioning and unique strengths, and requires a sophisticated and highly targeted lead generation approach.

ICCE has a strong reputation for research and analytics which informs our strategy advice and offers an empirical base for our insights and recommendations on sectors, markets and operational effectiveness.

Our network of experienced FDI Consultants work with our clients to develop practical and results driven strategies for economic development, investment promotion and trade partnerships.

We work with local, regional, international organizations, and national governments and Economic Development Organisations (EDOs) across Emerging Markets.

  • Market and Business Intelligence
  • Competitive Benchmarking
  • Training and Organisational design
  • Investment Promotion Plans
  • Industry Surveys
  • Sector Strategies
  • Optimization and exit strategies

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