Global Economics Summer School 2023

Mumbai, India
July 1-16, 2023

Our intention is to create an environment that is intellectually stimulating and allows our members to live and learn together in the heart of a major global University.


The Global Economics Summer School (GESS) is a prestigious annual economics summer school put together by the Institute of Certified Chartered Economists (ICCE) and the Young Global Economists Society (YGES).

Each year, we bring together young economists and graduate students (Master, PhD. and Researchers) from across the world to a central location, mostly on the campus of a selected University to engage on various pressing topics in economics relevant in the twenty-first century and beyond.

GESS gives our learners the opportunity to learn in a top-class university environment, with renowned faculty and to network with global students and professionals from over 40 countries.

The GESS 2023 will take place at the National University of Mumbai from July 1-16, 2023.


The GESS is structured with international learners in mind. Admission to the Summer School is based on the learners’ curriculum vitae and their readiness to participate in advanced studies.
To enrol, an applicant must:

GESS 2023 will run for two weeks, inclusive of intensive course work, industrial visits and host city tours

Unforgettable Experience

We are creating unforgettable and beautiful memories together in an intellectually stimulating and exciting environment.

You are not just attending GESS to learn, you are attending GESS to also experience a thrilling encounter as an economist.

About Host City

Mumbai (formerly called Bombay) is a financial center, and India’s largest city.

On the Mumbai Harbour waterfront stands the iconic Gateway of India stone arch, built by the British Raj in 1924.

Offshore, nearby Elephanta Island holds ancient cave temples dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva.

The city’s also famous as the heart of the Bollywood film industry.

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Why attend GESS?

GESS is an intensive and thrilling residential program, giving learners a taste of what it is like to learn at a world-leading university, providing an exceptional interdisciplinary platform for emerging economists.

Global Experience

GESS puts you at the heart of a global learning experience. An opportunity to learn from international faculty and distinguished economists in a world- leading university.

World Class Education

Take your economics and global leadership knowledge to the next level through an intensive academic programme that includes lectures, interactive seminars, group projects, and industrial visits.

Global Network

Access a global network of young economists, researchers and graduate students from over 40 countries at GESS.


Gain a global certification issued by the Institute of Certified Chartered Economists and our host University.

Industrial Experience

You are not just attending GESS to learn, but to also have a thrilling industrial and hands-on experience as a young economist and researcher.

Academic & Social Activities

Discover Mumbai and beyond. We provide a range of activities so you may know
your peers and see India through the eyes of Mumbai.

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Fees & Registration

The 2023 GESS programme fee is US2,500.


Ready to start your Global Economics Summer School journey?