The Future of the Global Development Ecosystem


Over the last sixty years, the international development community has undergone a radical transformation.

Global poverty alleviation is no longer the exclusive domain of the developed world officials; it has now been democratized and intensified.

We cannot ignore the central reality in the midst of the debate, fears, political polarization, and regrets surrounding globalization: much of it is irreversible or even resistible.

As in the other periods of human history where new connections between geographies and civilizations are formed-whether through empire building, technological change, regime change, climate change-driven, etc. once opened, cannot be closed.

The flow of goods, services, people, and capital will continue across borders, expanding to include previously isolated parts of the world.

This webinar will explore insights into the key drivers of the global development architecture.

  • What will drive the future of globalization?
  • Where does this leave us? Long-term policy and institutional implications
  • What would a new system look like? 

Event details

Date: May 12, 2022

Time: 2:30 pm CET

Venue: Online


Andrea Ordóñez

Andrea Ordóñez

Director, Southern Voice

Andrea Ordóñez is Director of Southern Voice, a network of 59 Think Tanks from Africa, Latin America & the Caribbean, and Asia leveraging Southern evidence and analysis to promote fair global development debates.

She was previously Research Director at Grupo FARO, a think tank in Ecuador.

Andrea has developed projects on public finances, natural resource wealth management, and financing for development.

Mohd Sedek Jantan, ICCE

President, Young Global Economists Society

Mohd is currently the President of the Young Global Economists Society (YGES) which is a global membership-based network for young economists below the age of 40 years.

Mohd is an ICCE Charterholder as a Chartered Financial Economist.