ICCE appoints Dr. Lalima Mukherjee of UEM to its Governing Council

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ICCE appoints Dr. Lalima Mukherjee of UEM to its Governing Council

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The Institute of Certified Chartered Economists (ICCE) has confirmed the appointment of Dr. Lalima Mukherjee, Professor of Economics at the University of Engineering & Management, Kolkata, Indiato its Governing Council.

The ICCE is a professional body for economists with a shared common vision of “Raising economics professionals with the highest ethical standards through quality education and collaborative learning.

“We are the professional body dedicated to equipping professionals in the economics and finance industries with the needed skill sets, expertise and qualification that helps them to rise to the top of their chosen career paths, and thus, shape the future of the industries.”

Dr. Mukherjee holds a Doctorate Degree in Economics from the Department of Economics, University of Kalyani, Nadia, West Bengal. Have been a part of Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi for Refresher Course in Economics and is its Alumni till date.

A Gold medallist and a University topper in U.G. Exams and also served as Head Examiner for the Economics paper under MAKAUT (previously WBUT) for MBA course and some of the other U.G courses. Have been a part of the Academic Staff College of Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi and is its Alumni till date.

She has presented papers in several Universities and also taught in various Universities like Amity University, Kolkata, NSHM Knowledge Campus, Kolkata, St. Xavier’s College Kolkata, Umeschandra College, Kolkata. Subjects taught there are Micro & Macro-economics, Business Economics, Managerial Economics, Health Economics, Basic Economics and Research Methodology.

According to Dr. Mukherjee,

“It’s my pleasure to be a part of the Governing of the ICCE. I share in the common vision of the ICCE which is to raise global economists with the highest ethical standards”

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