ICCE learners get access to free learning materials

Following a partnership agreement signed between the Institute of Certified Chartered Economists –ICCE and Perlego, all current active ICCE learners will now have access to multiple reading materials covering all of the ICCE curricula for the first three (3) years of their membership.

This means that each learner is expected to have completed the ICCE program within three (3) years.

Perlego is a digital online library of academic resources and tools, trusted by students worldwide. Perlego provides users unlimited access to over 800,000 textbooks covering multiple topics and disciplines including economics.

The ICCE Charter Program consists of a series of exams covering three (3) levels as well as a Professional Specialization Level.

Learners are required to complete the required number of papers as structured and meet all membership and financial obligations before being awarded the ICCE designation.

ICCE learners will be able to download and have access to their reading texts offline via the Perlego mobile App.

This according to the ICCE, brings convenience and flexibility to learners, especially when they have no access to the internet.

“This is a game changer for the Institute. Now, we can confidently engage our global learners without any limitation when it comes to access to resources needed to prepare towards their ICCE exams and or further research.”

Paul Frimpong, Global Head, Membership & Strategy, ICCE

Source: The Economy360 – www.theeconomy360.com