ICCE partners with Brockville in Nigeria

The Institute of Certified Chartered Economists (ICCE) has announced a partnership with Brockville Investment Ltd., a Nigeria-based Asset Development and Management Firm with industry experts and advisors with deep knowledge and experience covering oil and gas, renewable energy, and power, mining, agriculture, and financial services.

The ICCE is a professional body for economists with a shared common vision of raising economics professionals through the Chartered Economist program.

The Institute is dedicated to equipping economics professionals with the needed skill sets, expertise, and qualification that helps them to rise to the top of their chosen career paths, and thus, shape the future of the industries.

In the said agreement, Brockville Investment will become ICCE’s strategic partner in Nigeria, providing the Chartered Economist designation across the country. Brockville will equally be responsible for providing tuition for learners in Nigeria who enroll in the ICCE’s Chartered Economist program.

We’re happy to be extending and expanding our program offerings into multiple countries.” Clearly, Nigeria is a huge market and has the potential to produce some of the world’s leading minds when it comes to economics.

Gaurissh Lagu, ICCE’s Global Head of Partnerships

“We do not only focus on membership growth when it comes to country-specific operations.” We believe that we will have a key role to play in shaping the conversations that drive the economic growth and transformation of the Nigerian economy.

Commenting on the partnership with ICCE, and how Brockville Investments is poised to deliver on the terms of the agreement, the CEO of Brockville Investment, Olawunmi Olatunji had this to say;

“At Brockville, this goes to the heart of what we have been doing over the years. We have been at the forefront of championing knowledge acquisition and capacity building with our clients and stakeholders.”

CEO of Brockville Investment, Olawunmi Olatunji

“We are equally happy to receive this partnership to promote the ICCE’s Chartered Economist program in Nigeria.”

Through Brockville, all potential learners from Nigeria will receive various discounts and scholarship opportunities to pursue the Chartered Economist program of ICCE.

Source: The Economy360 – www.theeconomy360.com