Impact of Water Scarcity on Agriculture and Food Security

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As global populations continue to rise, the demand for food is reaching unprecedented levels. Yet, the very resource essential for producing this food is becoming increasingly scarce. This growing water scarcity poses a severe threat not only to agricultural productivity but also to food security worldwide.

Water is the lifeblood of agriculture, underpinning crop growth, livestock health, and overall farm productivity. However, climate change, unsustainable water management practices, and increasing competition for water resources from other sectors are exacerbating the strain on available water supplies.

In many countries, farmers are already facing the harsh realities of reduced water availability, which directly impacts their ability to produce sufficient, high-quality food.

In this webinar, ICCE seeks to explore how water scarcity affects different agricultural systems, examine the economic and social consequences, and discuss innovative strategies and technologies that can help mitigate these impacts.

Our goal is to shed light on sustainable practices and policies that can ensure food security in the face of declining water resources.

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Dr. Barun Thakur

Member, International Board of Standards, ICCE

Associate Professor, FLAME University


Paul Frimpong, FCCE

Global Head of Membership, ICCE


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