30 Most Influential Young Economists – Sub-Saharan Africa 2023

Selection Criteria

A nominee must:

1) Be a Sub-Saharan African citizen
2) Reside and work in Sub-Saharan Africa aged between 20 – 40 years.
3) Have a minimum of a Master’s Degree in Economics
4) Have a minimum of 3 years of working experience
5) Be willing to provide evidence of impact
6) Proof of work showing how he/she is influencing the Sub-Saharan Africa economy as an economist.

Most Influential Young Economist in Sub-Saharan Africa 2023

Selection Panel

The Selection Panel consists of astute economists, researchers and professionals who have demonstrated significant track record of working experiences and achievement in the economics profession

Our Selection Panel

Chief Economist,
South Africa & Nigeria,
Deutsche Bank

Head, Charles Telfair Centre & Head of Faculty, Accounting,
Finance & Law, Curtin University, Mauritius.

Director, JurisTax Group.
Board Director,
Bank of Mauritius

Nominate your Sub-Saharan Africa's Most Influential Young Economist for 2023.