30 Most Influential Young Economists


This is the most-anticipated annual compilation of young, bold, and brightest economists who are under the age of 40.

This initiative aims to celebrate new economic thinkers and rising economists influencing positive change across their country’s economy.

This will highlight the bold, authentic, and genuine potential of young economists whose works are at par with their impacts whiles serving as a source of encouragement to other young individuals whose commitment to stimulating growth is undoubted.

Selection Panel

The Selection Panel consists of astute economists, researchers, and professionals who have demonstrated a significant track record of working experiences and achievement in the economics profession

Key Features

Public Ranking and Honouring

Together with strategic partners including local and international media, all selected awardees will be featured across multiple mediums. Gain the bragging right as a young economist whose work is influencing society positively and transforming economies.

Global Recognition

Gain global recognition as an influential young economist. Feature this award on your CV to boost your career growth opportunities. We will profile you together with the work you have been doing to positively impact society as a young economist.

ICCE Scholarship

Begin your journey to become a professional economist with the ICCE. All awardees receive an automatic enrolment into ICCE as well as a Partial Scholarship to pursue the ICCE Chartered Economist qualification program.

Global Network

Global NetworkAwardees will have the opportunity to be a part of a global community of tomorrow’s leaders of economists through the Young Global Economists Society (YGES).

Inspiring the Next Generation

This is a prestigious award to encourage new economic thinking and to inspire both awardees and other young economists to greater heights.


Awardees enjoy various networking events organized in their honor. This presents an opportunity to learn and share knowledge.

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30 Most Influential Young Economists

30 Most Influential Young Economists

30 Most Influential Young Economists

30 Most Influential Young Economists

30 Most Influential Young Economists

30 Most Influential Young Economists

The Selection Process

Open of Nominations

Date for the open of nominations will be announced and communicated publicly.

Close of Nominations

Date for the close of nominations will be announced and communicated publicly.

Review of Nominees

All nominations received go through the review process. If further information is required, nominees will be contacted for the same.

Shortlist of Nominees

All shortlisted nominees will be contacted for final round of review and confirmation.

Announcement of Final List

Release of final list 30 Most Influential Young Economists.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who qualify to apply for the 30 Most Influential Young Economist?

Any young economist who’s under the age of 40 years.

What are the regional /country categories of the lists?




MENA (Middle East and North Africa)

North America

Southern America

Sub-Saharan Africa

When is nomination open?

The nomination open date is region-specific. Kindly visit each category page for specific details.

What are the selection process?

Open Nomination

Close Nomination

Review Nominees

Shortlist Nominees

Final Review

Announce list

What are the benefits of making it to the list?

Public Ranking and Honouring

Global Network

Global Recognition

ICCE Scholarship

Inspiring Next Generation of new Economic Thinkers


Read more here:  http://charteredeconomist.org/miye/

What is the minimum educational qualification one needs to have before applying?

A nominee must have a minimum of a Master’s Degree in Economics and any related field

What’s the age limit?

A nominee must be less than 40 years.

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