Public Policy & Regulation

Rely on ICCE Advisory to provide practical ideas and informed perspectives in areas of Trade, Investment, Public Policy, Business Intelligence, Financial Feasibility, Market Research, Economic development, ESG etc. We will show you how to uncover opportunities and ultimately create value –now and into the future.

We help corporations and institutions to grow; help global investors to find unmatched opportunities and help governments across emerging markets to transform their economies.

Governments, global corporations, private companies, trade associations and interest groups face complex decisions involving proposed legislation, regulations, and policy change that affect business strategy, commercial arrangements, taxation, and partnerships.

Facing and navigating these uncertain, volatile modern policy environment, in order to boost their resiliency and effectiveness requires a data-driven approach to understanding policy regulation processes.

We’re assisting and providing trusted advisors and consultants to develop regulatory policy analysis, processes and methodologies to support our clients’ specific issues and needs, and to guide them in their public service projects.

We provide support in:

  • Reviewing existing public policies
  • Creation of new public regulations
  • Estimating economic, environmental, business, and other impacts
  • Summarizing and analyzing public comments and facilitating public involvement
  • Developing implementation plans, communications strategies, and training and outreach programs
  • Preparing retrospective analyses of existing rules

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