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Accessible & Affordable

ICCE is one of the leading professional designations which is easily accessible and affordable.

ICCE Scholarship

We’re committed to offering scholarships to our learners each year. Become one!

Fully Online

Learn anywhere and at any time. Future-proof your career with the ICCE Charter designation.

Our commitment is to raise professional economists with the highest ethical standards through quality education and collaborative learning.

Globally Accessible and Affordable designation

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We have put technology at the center of what we do. With a significant investment in technology, it’s enabling us to reach our members globally with ease and convenience.

ICCE is one of the foremost professional designations which is easily accessible and affordable at the same time.

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Making possibilities happen with ICCE Scholarship

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We shape our own future and the future of those around us when we keep collaborating and supporting each other.

This is why each year; we offer 1000s of scholarships to our learners globally to assist them to continue their ICCE journey and to achieve their biggest dreams.

Measuring Up!

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There are countless reasons why firms across multiple industries trust their organization’s futures to ICCE® Charterholders.

ICCE will help you to gain deep knowledge, demonstrated expertise and credibility in the economics finance industry.

It’s our collective responsibility to show commitment and to demonstrate same by taking part in the global economic transformation agenda as professionals.

Let’s measure up, always.

Get Certified

at your own pace

Your present location shouldn’t stop you from pursuing the ICCE Charter designation.

Exams for all levels is offered in the first week of every month — January – December

All ICCE exams is offered online using automated proctoring with a combined advanced verifications system and AI.

News & updates

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ICCE signs a working MoU with the Zimbabwe Economics Society

The Institute of Certified Chartered Economists, ICCE, has announced the signing of a partnership agreement with the Zimbabwe Economics Society, ZES.

ICCE partners with the Ghana Communications Technology University

The Institute of Certified Chartered Economists (ICCE) has signed an MoU with the Ghana Communication Technology University (GCTU).

Global Economic Ideas Festival 2023 will focus on the future of globalization

The 2nd edition of the Global Economic Ideas Festival (GEIF) is set to be held virtually from November 1–2, 2023.

The Economy 360

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Gain comprehensive insights into the world of economics, finance, business and global politics via The Economy360.